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Rosselkhoznadzor to simplify launch of new veterinary medicines

Russia is planning to simplify the procedure for the introduction of new veterinary drugs to the market. Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Konstantin Savenkov announced in an interview with Yulia Melano, lead editor of Veterinary Medicine and Life, that Rosselkhoznadzor offers measures to facilitate national authorization procedure for veterinary medicines.

Rosselkhoznadzor to simplify launch of new veterinary medicines
Photo by Aleksandr Plonskii /V&L

“We aim to change the algorithm of the authorization procedure for Russian manufacturers of veterinary medicines. We understand the weaknesses that they have pointed out, and have looked through all regulatory documentation. This involves reduction of processing time and relaxation of requirements. We have prepared a set of proposals, which have already been forwarded for approval. Our proposals aim to significantly facilitate the launch of a new medicine. We see how to accelerate the process in order to provide the agricultural sector with cutting edge drugs, both immunobiological and chemo-pharmaceutical,” said Konstantin Savenkov.

In particular, this involves the reduction of time of veterinary drug approval process to 60 working days (from 160). Besides that, a twofold reduction in the number of documentation required for national authorization is proposed.

Konstantin Savenkov described the availability of veterinary medicines to Russian farmers as stable.

“Over the past few years, Russian veterinary drug manufacturers have been actively developing new products. The Federal Center for Animal Health (FGBI “ARRIAH) has always been involved in vaccine manufacturing. Besides that, there are four other companies involved in avian vaccine and chemo-pharmaceutical production,” he said.

As V&L has already mentioned in earlier publications, FGBI “ARRIAH” is planning on fivefold increase of veterinary vaccine production from 1,8 to 9 billion doses.

This is also true for other animal health companies. SPE “AVIVAC”, for instance, has already increased monthly sales of animal drugs by 10-12% as compared to the previous year. The company plans to increase its production capacity by at least 20%.

According to the Rosselkhoznadzor’s officials, only Russian immunobiological products are used in the livestock vaccination against severely hazardous animal diseases (foot-and-mouth disease, anthrax, brucellosis, rabies, classical swine fever, leptospirosis).

It was also pointed out, that currently the share of foreign-made vaccines in the Russian market reaches 56,1%.

The full version of the interview with Konstantin Savenkov is available at V&L website and on Melanolive channel.

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